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N2IA Technologies is currently providing Acquisition, Cost Estimating, Program Management, Cloud Migration and Cloud FinOps support services to it's various customers.


  • Acquisition –DoDI 5000 Support, Acquisition Planning, RFP development, Milestone decision support services, program acquisition baseline formulation

  • Cost/Price Analysis – Market Research, Price To Win, Cost Analysis, Software price proposal analysis

  • Cost Estimation and Analytics- Business Case Analyses, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and Lifecycle Cost Estimates to defend programs using today’s limited resources

  • Technology – Cloud Computing, Network Design, ServiceNow Implementations, Business Process Re-Engineering

  • FinOps- Maximizing the business value of the cloud by optimizing cloud usage and rate reductions.​

  • Programming and Budget Optimization- Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process support, Annual Spending plan formulation, Execution Budget analysis and control, Working capital Funds management support

  • Base Operations Support Services Control- Unit mission cost management and performance analysis through cost, schedule, and performance metrics

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